Midland Airpark (MDD)

The Midland Airpark is located on the northern side of the City of Midland and is only minutes from downtown Midland. Midland Airpark is designed to allow easy access to all areas of the Midland Community. Midland Airpark serves the general aviation public, which includes business and corporate traffic. In addition, Midland Airpark plays a vital role in fulfilling the economic needs of Midland.


Midland Airpark is under the operational control of the City of Midland and the Department of Airports.


Hangar Rental

FBO Maintained Hangars

The Fixed Based Operator at Airpark is Basin Aviation. Please call 432-685-7000.

City of Midland Maintained Hangars

The City of Midland has twelve (12) small T-Hangars on the North Ramp adjacent to Taxiway Alpha. The hangar allocation list was established on June 15, 2016, via a lottery at the City of Midland Airport Board Meeting. To apply to be placed on our waiting list, please review the packet and use the link below to apply. For further questions, don't hesitate to contact the City of Midland Department of Airports at 432-560-2200.

Current MDD City of Midland Hangar Waiting List

Current MDD City of Midland Hangar Application

City of Midland Maintained Hangar Application Packet

New Hangar Development Area

Please help us define the new hangar development area at MDD. Then, use the link below to add yourself as an interested party in the development and share your hangar lot requirements.

Airpark Hangar Development

Hangar Development Questionnaire